Welcome to a snapshot of my life’s work: a collection of art, poetry and scientific theory.  After years as a physician and researcher I have published several books on healthcare and biology.

I am currently involved with Earthpost, a larger collaborative forum.  I invite your comments, ideas and passions, with an open mind.

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  1. Hi. My own interests are origins and internal workings of complex dynamic systems- read your comments on the recent England theory at simonsfoundation.org, thought I’d say hello. Been focusing lately more on mathematics of atomic systems, but I’m also looking into how different parts of the periodic table are used by living organisms- there seems to have been a general drift, with fewer and fewer elements used the more complex the organism (and the larger its biopolymers)- an apparent trade off of elemental availability (many are relatively rare, but have specialized bonding/complexing capacities) against functional flexibility of polymers with fewest component types- many small biomolecules are intermediate. Note only recently it was announced that some archaea utilize f-block elements.

  2. Do you have a brother behrooz

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